Mann Filter HU 7008 z Ölfilter in Bremen - Osterholz

Mann Filter HU 7008 z Ölfilter in Bremen - Osterholz

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MANN-FILTER HU 7008 Z Oil Filter - Cartridge : Automotive

MANN Öl Filter in Osterholz - Ellener Feld

HU 7008 z MANN-FILTER Ölfilter mit Dichtung, Filtereinsatz

Mann Filter HU 7008 z ab 4,81 €

Ölfilter MAHLE OX 814D in Bremen - Osterholz

MANN-FILTER HU 7008 z Ölfilter kaufen

Mann Hummel spinon hydraulic filters are designed to remove particle contaminants from the hydraulic fluid. They are made of pleated paper which filters the contaminants down to microscopic size and provide a linear path for low flow restriction. These filters reduce corrosion and abrasion of hydraulic components and are highly durable and reliable.

HU7008Z - Mann Engine Oil Filter

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MANN-FILTER W 7008 Ölfilter – Für PKW und Nutzfahrzeuge