Premium RGB+W Rock Lights Kit – Lucky Customs

Premium RGB+W Rock Lights Kit – Lucky Customs

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Specs Waterproof Rating: IP68 (100% Waterproof) Highest Rated Lifespan of 50,000 Hours + Brightness: 1000 Lumens Per Rock Light Controlled With Bluetooth App
Waterproof Rating: IP68 (100% Waterproof) Lifespan: Highest Rated 50,000 Hours + Brightness: 1,000 -4,000 Lumens Per Rock Light Controls: Bluetooth Control App (iPhone & Android) Bluetooth Range: 50 Feet + Temperature: Tested In -45°F Automatically: Syncs with RGB+W Wheel Lights Warranty: 2 Years This kit is made for 12v batteries MAXIMUM *Hook power into fuse box for higher voltage batteries* ​Our Reliability Standard 2 Year 100% Full Coverage Warranty! (Read Our Policy) 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! Box Includes PREMIUM RGB+W Rock Lights Flat & Curved Rubber Mounting Pads (Must Use During Installation) 14Ft Wiring Leads From Each Rock Light Aluminium Bluetooth Control Box (50 Ft + Control Range) Mounting Screws & Bolts Extension Wiring Guide The Premium RGB+W Rock Lights are designed for you to show off! With true white LED power plus two blue, two red, and two green LED chips, you can come up with different color combinations to showcase your truck’s canopy, suspension, and other awesome features.  These rock lights can be app-controlled. You can use your phone to adjust the RGB + White combos to create an ideal camping atmosphere or subtle illumination while driving or parked offroad. And with 14ft wiring (longer than the standard 10ft) leads from each rock light, installation can be fast and easy. Buy it now. Feel free to choose from four- to 24-piece kits.     It is not the quantity of LED chips that determines the rock lights brightness, it is the quality & power of the LED chip!

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Waterproof Rating: IP68 (100% Waterproof), Lifespan: Highest Rated 50,000 Hours +, Brightness: 1,000 -4,000 Lumens Per Rock Light, Controls: Bluetooth

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Waterproof Rating: IP68 (100% Waterproof), Lifespan: Highest Rated 50,000 Hours +, Brightness: 1,000 -4,000 Lumens Per Rock Light, Controls: Bluetooth

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