Grivel G12 Evo New Matic Steigeisen

Grivel G12 Evo New Matic Steigeisen

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A full 12 point crampon for serious mountaineering with Grivel's antibott anti-balling system at the back and front. Availible in three different

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The 12-point crampon for all types of mountaineering, very robust. G12 is the king of crampons, used for climbing mountains all around the world. It has 12 points, 8 of which in the front and 4 in the back, allowing a perfect stability and performance in all snow and ice conditions. Equipped with Cramp-o-matic, New Matic, New Classic, Multimatic systems, they are adjustable and adapt to any type of boot. Equipped with the famous Grivel proactive Antibott both in the front and the rear.

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